What makes a great holiday?

What makes a great holiday?

21/03/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

If you are someone who loves to travel, then the chances are good that you have some favourite destinations. The destination is often one of the most important parts of a trip, for obvious reasons, but there are many other aspects which are similarly central to the success of a good trip. In this article, we are going to discuss what it might be that makes for a great holiday. Knowing this is likely to be useful, even vital, to anyone who plans on holidaying extensively in the future – and who doesn’t want to do that to some degree or another? The fact is, engineering the ideal holiday is a simple matter of getting a few basic elements right, and in the right balance. As long as that is achieved, there is nothing getting in the way of your enjoyment of it. Let’s take a look at what those elements are, and how you might be able to get them right, so that you can plan much better holidays than you previously have.


It is amazing how often people completely overlook this element of travelling, but it could be argued that it is the most important of all. The people that you go with are hugely central to your enjoyment of the trip, as it is the company of those people which really makes it what it is. There are really many different kinds of holidays depending on the people that you take with you, and that is the first thing that we need to consider when we are thinking of how to make the perfect holiday. For example, if you go with work colleagues, then that is quite a different experience to a family trip abroad, or perhaps a romantic break for two. Different types of holiday will appeal to people at different times, and it is worth getting to know them all if you are serious about making some great, memorable holidays. It probably goes without saying, but ensuring that you actually get on well with your travel partner is hugely important, as otherwise this could lead to some serious troubles as you travel. Nobody wants to experience that, so make sure that you only travel with those whom you get on very well with. This is the basis of a great holiday, and all else tends to come after it, sometimes as a result.

What makes a great holiday?Travel

The actual manner of travelling to the other country is probably the next most important element, as this is likely to be the part of travelling that you want to get done with as quickly as possible. There is much to consider when it comes to your travel arrangement, not least the matter of how much you are willing to spend. If you are happy to spend a little more than average here, then it can make a huge difference in terms of what the experience is actually like. Of course, you might decide that you are happy to go the budget route, in which case you can easily find plenty of options suitable for that choice. There are significant benefits to both options, and it is mostly a matter of what you think you and your companions are most likely to enjoy. As long as you are happy with the travel itself, the holiday on the whole should be a much more enjoyable experience, so this is one of the most important parts of planning any holiday for that very reason.


Are you someone who likes to live in luxury while abroad? Many people want the very best when they are travelling. In some respects, that is exactly what travelling is for, so it is clear that this is going to be a major part of planning any holiday. However, again there are plenty of different options, and not everyone wants to go this way. You can also go the budget route, in which case you might find yourself somewhere like a hostel – not glamorous, but definitely means you have more money to spend while you are away. Of course, there is also a kind of in between option which you might want to consider, and this is worth bearing in mind if you are keen on experiencing the best while paying less. Using people like Westgate Resorts, you can often find accommodation solutions which are both glamorous and within a relatively normal price range. This can be a great solution for anyone who wants to make the most of their time away, and live in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank. Get the accommodation right, and you know you will rest easy during your nights away – something which makes a real difference.


What makes a great holiday?Experiences

Some people like to stay in the hotel for the entire holiday, and if it is a particularly nice hotel as part of a package holiday, this can be joyous in a certain way. However, for the ideal travelling holiday, you will probably agree with most people, in that getting out and about and having some unique experiences is likely to be a hugely important part of an enjoyable and beneficial holiday. In general, the more you can fill your itinerary with experiences, the more likely it is that you will feel as if you have made the most of your time abroad. And that is ultimately what people are usually going for when they go on a holiday. For the ideal travelling trip, make sure you pack it full of different kinds of experiences.



Let’s not pretend that money isn’t important. Although sometimes it is tempting to forget about money while travelling, the truth is that it impacts every decision you make about your holiday. If you want to make the ideal holiday, then focusing on value is going to be hugely important. Good value means that you are happy paying the price you have paid for the experience you received. As long as you can say that, you know you have got it right.


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