Everest: Mission Accomplished!

Summitted Gorky Ri at 5360m after a 6am start and three hour climb. Day included summit descent, lunch, then another four hour descent to 4100m in snow, fog and minus 10 temps! Slumped into sleeping bag at 6.30pm. All well and alive, and heading back to Namche today. Sxxx

Everest: The eagle has landed

Day 11 I’ve now descended to Namche Bazar and spent three hours wandering the back alleys taking pics. Also had time to celebrate with my first beer or two in 11 days, sitting in the sun, writing notes as Yaks clop by down the lane below me. The clear skies today have again revealed Everest’s […]

Everest: third blog

Midnight in an A-Frame tent, camping at Dole at 4090m. Below freezing outside, but tucked down in sleeping bag layered with two socks, three leggings and three tops, as well as a beanie. Next camp at 480-0m. Hiking and breathing getting much harder. Group tough, but niggling ailments such as colds and headaches are troublesome […]

Everest: up, up and away!

Now at Namche Bazaar at 3583m for two nights under blue skies. Acclimatisation kicking in and walking is progressively harder! Free day yesterday so we hiked to the Everest View Hotel at 3880m to get further acclimatised – fantastic panoramic views of Everest and Amu Dublam. 6am start today. Four of our group of eight […]

Everest: First camp

Camped at 2850m last night – down to freezing. Good group and meals are great. The hiking/altitude starting to kick in. Going to 3500m today at Namche Bazaar. Tooth aches but pain killers are working! Big day as first chance to see Everest!!!!!!!!

Everest: The joys of travel

Day 1 in Nepal Start with a 5am wakeup call 5.30 breakfast 6am on the bus 4 hour wait at a very crowded airport, then another 20 minutes in a bus on the tarmac as monkeys played in the grass off the side of the airstrip. The sun’s shining with snow capped peaks visible on […]

Kartwheeling in Kathmandu

On my first morning my mouth ached from a tooth infection. With a good dose of antibiotics and pain killers coursing through my system I felt strong enough to wander around the side streets in Thamel without a map for a couple of hours just going where my feet and whim took me. It had […]