1 In 10 Forgot To Pack Underwear

1 In 10 Forgot To Pack Underwear

07/07/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

New survey highlights the UK’s poor holiday packing habits

When it comes to holidays, the UK is a nation of poor packers, with one in ten having forgotten to pack underwear, a survey has revealed.

The poll, carried out by TeletextHolidays.co.uk in partnership with Swimwear365, uncovered the poor packing habits of Brits, with most (93%) taking more items than we need.

The findings highlight how, as a nation, Brits are inefficient at packing, with 87% of people not wearing everything they take with them and almost a third (31%) taking multiple days to pack a suitcase for a two-week holiday.

The majority of those surveyed (61%) have even had to buy items they had forgotten to pack, while 28% of people have had to lend a fellow holiday-goer an item of clothing.

Over half of those surveyed found packing to be a stressful task.

Amy Patel from Teletext Holidays said: “The findings have really shown us that as a nation, we’re not particularly good at packing, and what’s worse is that we’re getting stressed about it.

“If you’re going on holiday, it’s recommended that you create a checklist beforehand to make sure you have absolutely everything you need. Try to pack at least a week prior to your travels so that you have time to remember anything you may have forgotten.

“Double-check the baggage weight you’re allowed to take on the plane to make sure you’re not going over, or you’ll be left facing charges.”

A spokesperson from Swimwear365 said: “Holiday checklists are a must! When packing have it next to you and tick off what’s going in your suitcase. By doing this you can check if you have everything you need and there will no nasty surprises when you get there! ”


The survey was conducted on a sample of 799 respondents.


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