3 Road Trip Essentials

3 Road Trip Essentials

04/07/2018 0 By Gayle Dickson

When you’re exploring a new country and hitting up a few different destinations on one trip, it might be tempting to fly from place to place. It is the quickest way to get from A to B, but you’re missing out on a lot. Sure, you’ll get to see a couple of different cities, but you’re missing out on all of the good stuff in between.

Driving is a far better way of seeing the country as a whole, rather than just the major tourist destinations. The other major benefit is that you’ll get to discover amazing places along the way that you would never have considered visiting if you were just flying from place to place.


However, if you’re going to go on a road trip, preparation is key. Before you set off, read this great checklist of all of the essentials that you need to take with you.

The Right Car

First things first, you’re going to need a good vehicle that can withstand the road trip. If you’re just going to be driving on sealed roads, you’ll be fine with a normal car. You just need to make sure that it’s roomy and comfortable because you’ll be in there for hours at a time. But if you’re in a country that doesn’t have a great road system, or you’re taking an off road route, you’ll need to find a company like Acerent 4wd hire and get hold of a robust vehicle that can take a bit of a beating. Getting the wrong car can land you in a lot of trouble because you run the risk of breaking down on the road and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Don’t try to save money by renting a cheaper car, it’ll come back to bite you in the end.

A Paper Map

Nobody uses paper maps anymore, do they? Why would you when you can just get it on your phone? That’s all good and well until your battery dies or your phone breaks and you’re in the middle of a new country with no idea where you are. This is especially important if you’re going on a long road trip because it’s not likely that your phone battery will last the whole way. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a phone or a satnav to find your way, just take a paper map and learn how to use it just in case.


If you’ve got kids, you know how grumpy they get when they’re hungry. Even if you aren’t going with kids, you’re still going to get hungry along the way and it’ll cost you a lot of money if you’re stopping at every gas station to buy food. The choice isn’t going to be great eithe,r so you’re much better off bringing your own stuff along. Just make sure that you’re not bringing food that is going to go off because, after a few hours in a hot car, it’s not going to be edible.

These 3 tips should help ensure that your road trip is a success. 


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