A Wild, Wet and Windy Flying Foxy Fling

A Wild, Wet and Windy Flying Foxy Fling

03/05/2012 0 By Gayle Dickson


With a low pressure weather system blanketing Tasmania, it was always going to be a bit wild, wet and windy ziplining tree to tree 50m above the ground . . . but once you’re in the crow’s nest there’s no turning back . The rain started slowly as we headed out into a eucalyptus forest to be hooked up to the ‘Flying Fox’ lines.

In our group were a couple on holiday from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, another couple from Hobart and a father and son team also from Tasmania. The first couple of lines were short and sweet to help everyone overcome the ‘leap of faith syndrome.’ Then it gets higher and longer to where line five crosses a river gorge bank to bank – all 214m of it. Line six brings on the adrenaline rush as it runs lengthwise down the gorge and above the river for over 400m. As fate would have it on my descent a severe rain storm swept up the valley which at my top speed of 85kmh feels like hailstone hitting you skin!

This is one Tassie adventure where the ‘Need for Speed’ is rewarded in full. Hollybank Treetops Adventures are at www.treetopadventures.com.au

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