Adventures in Australia

Adventures in Australia

28/10/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

Adventures in AustraliaAustralians might be biased when they say their country is one of the most unique and interesting in the world- but let’s be honest, it’s pretty spectacular. From the remote wilderness of the outback with it’s incredible terrain, to some of the world’s most vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and animals that exist nowhere else on the planet. They live in a land of contrasts, and whatever it is you’re after in a vacation you don’t even need to leave home soil. Here are some of the incredible destinations to visit in Australia.

The Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in South Australia, and visiting gives you the chance to experience what remote Australia is really like. There are all kinds of treks and adventures you can book from overnight to a full ten days, you can travel by camel and see all kinds of fantastic animals and landscapes. If you want to get away from it all, disconnect from stressful daily life and feel at peace, this is a good way to go about it.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island, and is made up of over hundred kilometers of gorgeous natural terrain. It includes everything from rainforests and mangrove forests to coastal heaths and sand dunes. Here you can go fishing, book a self drive tour or see animals on an ‘eco adventure’. These are offered on the island where you can spot wild animals across the Red Canyon and Rainbow Beach amongst other destinations.

National Parks

There are of course lots of incredible national parks in Australia, from the tourist hotspots to the quieter parks used by locals. Go camping, fishing, bird watching, bike riding, you could have a picnic, hike and generally enjoy the outdoors in stunning natural surroundings. Find out where the closest parks are to where you plan on staying on your trip, and be sure to make a day or two to give them a visit. A chance to see all that this country has to offer.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is so massive it can actually be seen from space- the only natural structure in the world to hold this title. It’s one of the seven natural wonders in the world- and is something that many people from across the globe have on their travel bucket lists. Tourists are prepared to spend a whole day flying over the ocean to visit to do this, so wy wouldn’t you make the most of it as an Australian? There are many Great Barrier Reef dives and tours from different locations, so do your research and find out which sounds the most interesting and appealing to you. Expect to see everything from whales to sharks, manta rays, sea snakes and of course, thousands of varieties of interesting and stunning fish species.

Australian Cities

Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and more- if you’re after a city break then you’re spoiled for choice. With the big cities being along the coast, you’re never too far away from the beach so you can split your stay up into adventure and relaxation. You get the trendy urban atmosphere, shops, restaurants, attractions and vibrancy of the city, and then stunning sandy beaches, palm trees, hammocks and turquoise waters a short drive away. The perfect combination.


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