Book: A is for Auckland

Book: A is for Auckland

08/10/2013 0 By Chris Parnell

A is for Auckland
Imprint – Released 1 November 2013

A stunning representation of Auckland in all its glory, A is for Auckland showcases the highlights and hidden treasures of our biggest city – covering natural landmarks like Rangitoto, the Waitakeres and various coastlines; manmade landmarks such as the Sky Tower, the Civic Theatre, the zoo and Jellicoe Park – to name just a few.

With a wide geographic as well as cultural spread, it captures treasures from throughout the city, as well as the diversity found in iconic locations such as the Otara markets, Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple and Te Hana, Auckland’s northernmost town and home of the Te Hana Te Ao Marama cultural centre.

An excellent guide to help discover exciting new places to visit in Auckland, as well as a keepsake to remember some all-time favourites, A is for Auckland is a perfect gift for anyone visiting or living in Auckland.

A celebration of all that is great about Auckland, it will appeal both to children, lovers of art and fans of our biggest city.

A long time avid general reader and writer with a particular interest in poetry, Diane Newcombe’s interest in children’s literature was sparked during her children’s preschool years, involvement in the Playcentre movement, and subsequent childrens’ literature courses. Being originally from South Head on the Kaipara, which is now part of Auckland, prompted her wish to see a children’s book giving an idea of the breadth and diversity of what is now Auckland.

Melissa Anderson Scott has been an exhibiting artist in New Zealand, Europe and the United States since 1991. Her work appears in public collections in New Zealand, including the Wallace Collection. She is co-founderof Cloud Workshop, a popular art group for bereaved children, and her passion for children’s access to art has naturally led her to book illustration.

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