Frugal Fun: Vacation like a local

Frugal Fun: Vacation like a local

03/08/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

The vacation season tends to be expensive for most of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of summer or around Christmas – when we want to relax and enjoy the vacation, we don’t want to think about money. The sad truth is that we always return home just to be slapped in the face by reality; every single bit of your savings have been spent on enjoyment, and you’re going to work hard to get back to where you were.

Make a difference in your wallet on your next vacation and find ways of having fun without breaking the bank. It’s a lot easier than you think, and the rest of the year will thank you for it.

Travel costs

The fun part about vacationing for less is that you’re opening up for different alternatives you never thought you’d consider. Such as not spending money on a plane ticket, for example, and enjoying travel by road or rail instead. A good old-fashioned road trip is, after all, too much fun to miss out on and there is so much more to see when you’re not high up in the air.

Find alternative routes that will take you through a beautiful and scenic landscape, enjoy a peaceful train ride, or turn your vacation into a road trip for the whole family by planning your stops and breaks before you go. It will save you a lot of money which you can put aside instead, or spend on something more enjoyable than a cramped plane seat.


Travellers need a place to stay, every man and woman in the hospitality industry knows this – and they charge accordingly. It’s not fair that something as necessary as a roof over your head should break the bank, so give them what they deserve and avoid costly accommodation. You can easily find holiday homes for rent at exceptional prices, and you’ll be able to cook your own food and enjoy the comfort without having to stay at a hotel.

Sites like Airbnb or Book A Bach are completely legit and a great way of getting to know the locals in a new city, make new friends and save a lot of money as you go. You can choose between renting a room in someone’s house, or renting the whole place for your family.

As every host and guest receives a review, you can feel confident that you’re not staying with some lunatic – and they can feel confident that you’re not going to burn their place down.

Public Transport

So, you’ve sliced your travel costs in half by avoiding the airport and expensive hotels, in addition to cooking some of the meals yourself – well done. It’s easy to put your feet up already, but by getting friendly with the public transport of the city you’re in, you will be able to save even more. Most of the big cities of the world has a decent transportation system that the locals use every day; research it, learn to love it, and stop wasting money on taxis.

Another benefit to traveling like this is that you’re able to experience the city in a very different way. Sure, traffic jams occur, and it might get both crowded and warm, but it’s a part of being on vacation and living life just like everyone else.

When you get back home, you’ll be thankful for all the great memories you wouldn’t be without for all the comfort in the world – and you still have your savings intact.


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