Have A Grape Time! Wine in Australia

Have A Grape Time! Wine in Australia

31/07/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

If you thought that Australia was just a place to explore the Outback, have “shrimps on the barbie,” and kick back with a lager or two, then you’ve never experienced Australia by its wonderful wine regions. Not just for the upper class anymore, wine is a fantastic beverage to consume under the Australian sun, and Australia has many Vineyards to cater for the aspiring oenophile (wine lover) and offers wonderful experiences for couples and singletons alike, and here are a few to try.

Margaret River

Located in Western Australia, Margaret River has a wide selection of top draw wineries as well as spa resorts and places to enjoy very fine dining. The Forest Rise Chalets and Lodge located between Margaret River and Busselton has a diversity of spas, wood fires, and even a personal chef, making your stay as luxurious as they come!

Barossa Valley

Based just a few hours away from Adelaide, this beautiful Valley has some of the most sweeping and wide-ranging vineyards. You can take a tour throughout the area, or you can head out on your own to explore the area via its popular trails or by bicycle, or just have a guided tour from a personal tour company. This Valley also has some of the most charming little towns such as Kapunda, Williamstown, and Angaston, which, as well as being wonderfully quaint, also boasts a lot of traditional wine culture.

Swan Valley

Just north of Perth, Swan Valley has the oldest wine producing region in the whole of the Western Australia. For a wide variety of activities relating to wine, this is the right place. You can embark on the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail, where you can have your fill of the grape but also frequent the breweries eateries, as well as fine dining restaurants. If you wanted something a little different, you could head on the Swan Valley Heritage Trail via horse drawn carriage.

Yarra Valley

This is one of Australia’s most popular wine regions. Yarra Valley has around 80 wineries for you to get your palate around. But if that’s not enough for you there is a fantastic array of foods in this area, as Yarra Valley is well known for its fresh produce as well as rustic handmade cheeses, meaning you can find the perfect accompaniment to go with your glass of red or white.

Hunter Valley

This wine region was the first area that winemakers settled in and found Australian soil ripe for growing the grape. The area also boasts a selection of spas, eateries, and even cooking schools. You can also get your fair share of cheeses, bread, olive oils and chocolates crafted by expert artisans, which you can take home to your friends or scoff right there. The Hunter Valley is the oldest area of its kind in the land down under and is steeped in rich history, so if you want an interesting story behind your bottle of Barolo, then this is the place for you.


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