Get More Out Of Greece

Get More Out Of Greece

10/03/2016 0 By Gayle Dickson

There is good news coming out of Greece. In spite of recent turmoil, Greece is still offering some of the most stunning holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Classic Greece is, of course, the cradle of ancient civilisation. So if you are seeking some of the greatest examples of temples and religious sites, then Greece is a must. With its stunning coastline and excellent climate, Greece is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It has over 60 inhabited islands offering you a wide range of experiences and choice. Here are a few thoughts on getting the most out of Greece.

Athens and the Acropolis

Standing high above this vibrant city is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world. The Parthenon Acropolis is easily the greatest symbol of ancient Greek architecture. Built in 447 bc it has withstood everything that history could throw at it. It is a must on your Athens trip. This is a buzzing city in its own right and make sure that you visit the Plaka district not far from the Acropolis. Here you’ll find one of the cities remarkable neighborhoods. This village-like atmosphere is filled with cafes and boutiques and ancient leafy trees. Athens rich history is represented well in any number of world-class museums. The National Gardens are great space to get a fix of green amidst the city bustle.

Islands and beaches

Greece is alive with culture and vibrant history. It is true to say that most holidaymakers will be seeking the idyllic sanctuaries of its many islands. From Crete to Cyprus you can have your pick of some of the most picturesque islands in the world. Lindos on Rhodes for example is a beautiful town. It is filled with winding cobbled streets and the classic scenario of whitewashed houses.

If it is the best beach in Greece you are seeking then why not head to Myrtos which is North West of Kefalonia? The clear turquoise blue waters and white pebbles have made this beach picture perfect. It has been voted best beach in Greece an incredible twelve times. Mykonos is a more cosmopolitan island. It is no less stunning for that. A picturesque maze of streets are studded with trendy bars, clubs and cafes. It can also lay claim to some amazing sandy beaches.

Corfu’s rugged interior hides many wonderful secrets. But perhaps it is in the coastline’s beaches and towns that you can get a real sense of the island as a destination on its own. You’ll need a car to make the most of your trip to this characterful island. Check out car hire Corfu for the best deals.


Take your trip out to Cyprus and sample some famously Greek independent spirit. Spend your days on the beach. Sit in the shade and lunch on Haloumi and the famous mouthwatering Greek salad. And what meal would be complete without some Greek yogurt and honey with a cup of coffee? Here with the sparkling warm water and the oranges growing in trees and the sound of cicada, you will know you have truly arrived.


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