Great Canadian Ski Resorts

Great Canadian Ski Resorts

08/09/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson

When most people think of skiing in Canada, the mind goes straight to the famous Whistler. But there are many other great resorts to shred the snow. Check out the information below to help you make the best decision when picking where to go on your next Canadian Ski Trip.


Banff is located in Alberta, Canada and is a great location for the more accomplished skier. It has some intermediate to hard runs that will challenge those who have mastered the basics and are feeling a bit more confident.

Banff is known as “The big 3” which refers to the peaks around it. In fact, you can’t ski in Banff itself. You need to travel to the hills that surround it.

The scenery makes up for that, though, and the village is pretty with plenty of accommodation serving skiers. You can stay in a traditional log cabin like Or choose a luxury hotel like Whatever type accommodation you choose just make sure that they have a pool or a hot tub so you can ask some of those aching muscles away at the end of the day.

Silver Star

Silver Star is a tiny resort that was specially created for the skiing crowd. It is located in the Silver Star provincial park, and the village is designed to look like a brightly colored frontier town.

There are some pleasant places to grab a beer apres ski like the Red Antler bar. Accommodation is mainly limited to hotels and condos. The condos are a more economical choice when traveling with the kids. As you can provide breakfast and other meals for them instead of incurring the cost of eating out all the time.

The slopes in Silver Star are not bad, and they get a fair amount of snowfall on average ( 6m a year). There are some easy runs for the beginners, but the majority of runs cater to the intermediate skier. If you are part of a group with very different skiing capabilities, Silver Star is a good bet. This is because they do have some fiendish black runs to keep the experts entertained as well.

Great Canadian Ski ResortsKicking Horse

While it has one of the best names of all the resorts in Canada, Kicking Horse might not be the best bet as your chosen place to stay. This is because it’s still pretty underdeveloped here. There are two amazing bowls that you can get to now – before it was a heli-ski trip only kind of a deal. But guests at the resort complain that the gondola system is pretty basic, as is the town.

However buses do run day trips from other resorts like Banff, so it is still a great place to visit, if not stay.


The main issue with Revelstoke is that it’s so hard to access. As usual, you will need the correct documents to get into Calgary. That means not forgetting your ETA, which is available from a site such as Then, once you have been granted access to Calgary, you have a drive of over 5 hours before you reach Revelstoke!

Revelstoke is another Canadian ski resort that is still in it’s infancy. It’s pretty much a just a huge hill (1700m), a few shops and a gondola. But that is not to say that it doesn’t hold its own in terms of charm.

The real boon to Revelstoke is the off-piste skiing that is available. If you prefer to go off and do your own thing, weaving in and out of the trees, then this is definitely the place for you.

If you struggle to get into the lodges in the base village, you can also try to get into a hotel in Revelstoke itself, which is a little bigger.

Sun Peaks

After Whistler, Sun Peaks is the second largest ski resort in Candia. This makes it a good choice for those that want to stay and ski in one place for their entire holiday. However, you can get to the other resorts easily if you do become bored during your stay.

The village if Sun Peaks, is quiet and sleepy. The apres ski and nightlife might not be to some people taste, especially if they favour the more rowdy scene available in Whistler. However is does make this little gem, a great place to take a family skiing holiday.

Combine this with the fact that it has some good intermediate runs, it makes it the perfect place for parents and kids alike to enjoy the powder.



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