The Hand Luggage Challenge

The Hand Luggage Challenge

06/08/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson

Whether you’re travelling across Australia or exploring colourful India, it’s always better to travel as lightly as possible. It will cut down on airlines fees, by carrying everything as hand luggage, and making getting around much easier. While there are some essentials you cannot go without, some items are better off left at home.

Read through our top tips before packing for your next adventure:

Start off with a comfortable and spacious bag. There are many designed specifically for travelling; which are lightweight, expandable and comfortable to wear. Make sure it will fit into the overhead cabin on a plane to ensure it will fit with regulations, and purchase a lock to keep your contents safe.

Clothing needs to be well thought out and each item specifically chosen for your trip. Pack outdoor camping clothes if you’re going hiking, and sensible boots. For every day clothes choose light and quick drying items, made of cotton and fabrics that won’t wrinkle too easily. Make sure you pack shorts and longer trousers for certain cultures, and pack for all environments you might encounter.

Most places will have washing facilities, whether it’s a hotel sink or local launderette; so try not to worry too much about not having enough clothes. Your bag should only be ⅓ clothing, if it’s more than that then try and reject some extras.

Choose multi functioning technology, rather than packing it all. Not only will it save space, but it will down the risk of losing them. Your mobile phone can also be a music system and gps tracker, but make sure you’ve got your charger and adapter. Take a camera to capture all the amazing sights, but don’t bother with a huge one unless you are using it for professional reasons.

Health and medical packs are something that shouldn’t be compromised on though. Check government sites for where you are travelling to, and cover all precautions they advise to take. Pack a small first aid pack in case of emergencies, but be aware of liquid content for airport security reasons.

Portable games or a frisbee are a great way of making friends. If you are travelling alone, or in a small group, socialising with other travellers will have a huge impact on your time. Make sure you take something to break the ice and get talking to people.

You won’t need to pack a lot of food, as most will perish or be available at your destination anyway. Pack some snacks and home comforts for in between meals, but try to limit these as much as possible. You’ll want to enjoy the local cuisine anyway!

If you are struggling to fit everything into your hand luggage bag, remember most airlines allow you to take two bags; one case and one personal bag. Take a hand held bag for your boots or any heavier items. Or, wear an items that won’t fit! Wear your walking boots and thicker coat, and pack your sandals and lighter items.


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