Hard to pronounce London names

Hard to pronounce London names

08/04/2013 0 By Chris Parnell

Thanks to Londonist.com, here’s a handy list of correctly-pronounced London place names, some of which catch out most first-time visitors!

Aldwych – old witch, not old wick

Borough – burra, not bur-ruff or burrow

Cadogan Square/Hall – Ca-duggan, not Cad-ogan

Chiswick – Chiz-ick, not Chis-wick

Clapham – Clap-em, not Claf-am

Deptford – Det-ford, not Dept-ford

Dulwich – Dull-itch, not Dull-Witch

Greenwich – Gren-idge or Grin-idge, not Green Witch

Hainault – Ay-not, not Hay-No

Holborn – Ho-burn or O-burn, not Holl-born

Homerton – Ommer-tun, not Homer-tun

Isleworth – Eye-zul-worth, not Isle-worth

Leicester Square – Less-ter, not Lie-sess-ter

Marylebone – Marly-bone, not Mary-le-bone

The Mall – The Mal, not the Maul

Pall Mall – Pal Mal, not Paul Maul

Penge – rhymes with Henge

Plaistow – Plaaaah-stow, not Play-stow

Rotherhithe – Rother-hive, not Rother-hithe

Ruislip – Ryslip, not Royslip or Ru-e-slip

Southwark – Suth-urk, not South-wark

Streatham – Stret-em, not Streeth-am

Theydon Bois – Theydon Boyce (or Boyz) not Theydon Bwah

Tottenham – Tott-num, not Totten-ham or Tottingham

Wapping – rhymes with shopping not rapping

Woolwich – Wool-idge, not Wool Witch



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