Interesting global coffee facts

Interesting global coffee facts

24/07/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson
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When you are travelling and getting used to new cultures and cuisines, you could be excused from think that simplest way to start the day is with a coffee.

Australians and Kiwi’s often garner strange looks when they order a ‘long-black’ or a ‘flat white’.

Flight search and comparison website,, has investigated 31 ways to order coffee around the globe.  Here are just five caffeine-fuelled facts.

On average, American coffee drinkers (and there are 107 million of them) consume 3.5 cups a day.  Seattle has 10 times more coffee shops per person than the rest of America.  While espresso coffee is the norm in many other countries, filtered or drip coffee is still the favourite in the USA.

Don’t order a latte in Italy.  You’ll get a cup of steamed milk.   And don’t order a cappuccino after 11am, it’s just not the done thing.  Coffee is a way of life in Italy with around 100,000 coffee bars serving a population of 60 million people.   These are big numbers in comparison to the 20,000 Starbucks stores worldwide – but you won’t find one in Italy.

Coffee is big business in Vietnam.  After Brazil, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter and the industry employs around 2.6 million people.   While most Vietnamese people traditionally drink tea, their coffee offering is a Ca Phe Da – ground coffee with condensed milk, boiling water and ice cubes.

In India,coffee is a spiritual affair which goes back the 16th century when Sufi Baba Budan smuggled seven coffee beans back from the Yemen port of Mocha.  The Indians serve filtered coffee, served sweet and milky, from a combination of roasted coffee beans and chicory.

Some call it a coffee.  Others call it a cocktail.  Whatever way you look at it, an Irish Coffee will warm you up on a cold day.   The concoction of hot coffee combined with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream was invented in the early 1940’s to cheer up American passengers after their Pan Am flying boat was forced back to Ireland after bad weather.


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