On The RV Road Again in Southern California

On The RV Road Again in Southern California

27/04/2012 0 By Gayle Dickson


Having just set off on our two week Recreational Vehicle (RV) trip in the American Southwest we thought we’d offer a few helpful “on the road” hints. Most RV companies like El Monte, who we’ve used for the past seven years, will pick up and drop from your hotel. After filling out the appropriate forms, they’ll teach you all the tricks of how to operate an RV, including the internal gadgets such as heaters, generators and power slide-outs, as well as how to attach the external hook-ups: town water supply and electricity – believe us its easy.

Three items they don’t usually supply as part of the regular kit is a coffee maker, toaster and a GPS navigator – so remember to ask for them.

By the time you’re ready to depart it will be mid-day, so plan on a short afternoon two to three hour drive and have a pre-planned route (buy a Rand McNally Atlas) to your pre-planned campsite.

Allow time to buy your supplies and food enroute.

Finally, remember to set your seat and mirrors before you leave the depot. Then crack open a beer and pull the cork from the bottle and watch the sun set . . . oh and don’t forget to cook dinner!

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