Ready to holiday? Read this first!

Ready to holiday? Read this first!

10/04/2016 0 By Gayle Dickson

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, getting away for a break is always exciting. Whether it’s a romantic weekend away with the one you love or an around the world adventure all alone, it makes no difference. What a treat it is to have a holiday! You might think that you can make do with just throwing a few clothes in a bag and taking off, but that rarely works out too well. Doing that might be ok if you’re only going way for one night, but even then you’re bound to find that you’ve forgotten something you really need. If you want to make the most of your trip, you have to do a few things before you go. Being prepared is vital to success when you do just about anything, and travelling is no different. Be safe, not sorry and make sure you plan everything properly. Vacations are meant to be a time for fun, and you don’t want to make problems for yourself. Follow our handy guide and you should have a hassle free holiday!

First of all, think about where you are going. Consider what you need. If you’re going abroad, then you’ll need your passport. The humble passport has changed a lot over the years. The idea may have come from the ancient Egyptians, who granted papers for safe passage. One of the first passports, as we know them now, is thought to have been in issued in the early 15th century. Mandatory passports for international travel didn’t really come into force until around the time of the second world war. They were somewhat primitive and relied on a written description of the holder rather than a photograph. These days, they are so advanced that many countries have a microchip embedded in the pages. But if you think that’s cutting edge, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Soon, having to dash to the passport office for a last minute replacement could be a thing of the past. Australia has become the first country to trial a virtual version of this essential travel documentation. There’s no panic like the fear you have the night before you’re due to fly when you cannot locate that little book. You may have tidied up your place so it’s nice to come back to. That’s always something you should do. But once you realise you don’t know where your passport is, you leave a trail of destruction in your wake. Drawers get overturned, cupboards are emptied as you frantically search. Well, worry no more. Imagine if you didn’t need to carry it at all!

You’d be able to travel by thumbprint – having your data stored electronically is a very modern idea. But it does throw up some interesting questions about how to keep your information secure. A leak of such valuable information could be devastating on so many levels. Sensitive details including biometric data, your date of birth would be needed. Just about everything to do with verifying your identity would be required to make a paperless passport work. But if it’s possible, it could be a game changer for the travel industry. And it would be an absolute lifesaver for absent-minded folk! Less stress equals happier holidays.

Ready to holiday? Read this first!If you’re travelling to a country where you need immunisations, then you want to make sure that you have these booked. Do this well in advance of the date of the journey. Ensure that you have all of the recommended medications if any is advisable. Getting ill on holiday is no fun at all. That brings us to the next point, because what would you do if you did fall sick or have an accident while you are away from home?

Travel insurance is something that many people think of as an optional requirement. But it’s something you should have whenever you are going on vacation. You might believe that you’re not going to need it, but is the risk worth it? Life has a habit of throwing a curveball now and then, so it pays to make sure you have cover. It is imperative that you check your policy to make sure that is suitable for your needs. You might want to add extra like trip cancellation clauses or additional medical insurance. If you’re carrying a lot of high-value personal effects, you might wish to ensure your baggage has enough cover should it go missing or be stolen.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got, at least, some of the local currency on hand. Carrying small amounts of cash for expenses on the way is a neat hack to save you time and hassle. If you’re good with money, then a credit card is an ingenious method of payment in more ways than one. Don’t get yourself into debt, though, only do this if you can afford to pay it off quickly. Otherwise, your dream holiday could turn into a nightmare that starts when you get home. Not only will it mean you have some comeback on any purchases you make should they prove to be faulty, but there is another benefit too. You could earn rewards when you use it, and who doesn’t love something for free! It’s always nice to have a little treat. Sites like can point you in the right direction when you’re looking for a credit card to suit you.

You need to keep in mind baggage restrictions when it comes to packing. Whatever you do, don’t take all your allowance weight on your outbound trip. You’re setting yourself up to fail if you do. If you’re going to be shopping when you’re away, you need a way of bringing it all back. Go over your allowed limits and you’re going to be paying through the nose. If you’re only going away for a couple of days, try and see if you can squeeze everything into your hand luggage. You’ll save yourself precious time, which is useful when you’re only way for a short while. You don’t want to spend your time away queuing by the carousel waiting for your bags when you could be out enjoying yourself.

Packing can be a minefield. If you tend to take far too much away with you, then it’s time to take a step back and reconsider. You don’t need 18 pairs of shoes to go away for a week. You might think you do, but you don’t. To maximise on space in your suitcase, work out a capsule wardrobe. Look for versatile outfits that you can wear in different ways. Dress clothes up or down with accessories to take you from day to night without a tonne of effort. It’s a holiday, not a fashion competition. You’re there to relax and unwind, not worry about your hair being perfect. Of course, everyone likes to look their best, but try and chill out. Holidays are a time for kicking back and letting go!

Even if you’re not expecting to be sunbathing, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen. Even when it’s not so hot, you’re still at risk of the damage that can be caused by the sun’s rays. Not only is it one of the biggest causes of skin cancer, but it’s also one of the major factors when it comes to premature ageing. No one wants to look old before their time, so make sure you buy something with a high SPF factor. If you do want to spend some time catching the rays, then make sure you take precautions. Don’t let yourself get burned for a start. You’ll be in pain and could be sore for the rest of your holiday. Make sure you keep hydrated too. Sunstroke is no fun whatsoever, for anyone. Don’t ruin your vacation by being careless. Chances are you’ve saved up and sacrificed a few things to come on your trip. Maybe you’ve even worked extra hours or taken on a second job. If you spoil it for yourself, you’ll only regret it.

Before you head off; you need to take the time to make sure your home is safe and secure. Don’t let it be a magnet for burglars and opportunistic criminals. Cancel any deliveries like milk or newspapers for a start. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property. If there’s any oil left sticking out the letterbox at any time, as them to push it through. Otherwise, it could be obvious that there’s no one at home. Consider investing in a lamp with a timer which can switch itself on and off in your absence. This is a clever way to make it look like there are people in, even when they aren’t. Thieves are devious and they can tell a lot about your home by observing just a few basic things. Make sure you don’t come back to a disaster by using your common sense and these handy tips!

Once you’ve got all of these things in hand, you should be able to enjoy your trip with no worries at all. Have a fabulous time, and don’t forget to send us a postcard!


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