The Australian Outback

The Australian Outback

26/02/2013 0 By Chris Parnell


A world of adventures just waiting to be taken

APT’s heritage as pioneers of escorted touring in Australia’s most remote regions means they’ve accumulated a wealth of expertise in taking passengers to both popular and barely-discovered attractions. They know that the best way to discover these remote destinations is by 4WD, in a small group – so that’s exactly how their brand new 2011 Outback Wilderness Adventures touring program is designed.

A place of stunning natural beauty, extraordinary wildlife, and fascinating history and culture, the Australian Outback captures the imagination of every visitor.

Once famed only for the vast expanses of striking but harsh terrain faced by early explorers, it’s now a world of adventures just waiting to be taken. With landscapes ranging in type from the fairytale of the stepped waterfalls and astonishing fauna found in national parks, to the dramatic, in the bright colours and unique rock formations of the Red Centre, the region is, above all, diverse.

You can explore this epic landscape in comfortable, custom-designed 4WD vehicles, and enjoy a personalised experience. No matter which Outback Adventure you embark on, you’ll enjoy an enriching experience at every location. Whether it’s the remoteness of the accommodation; the tranquility of the environment; the bonds you’ll form with your fellow travellers; the enjoyment of exploring off-the-beaten-track or the stories told by the guides, you’ll come to realise that travelling as part of a small group is the ideal way to discover Australia’s hidden secrets.

During APT’s popular Cape York 4WD Wilderness tour, you will travel from the vibrant tropical city of Cairns to the remote wilderness of the Cape York Peninsula, where guests experience being at the most northerly point of the Australian mainland.

Between Cairns and Cape York, passengers on the 13 Day adventure visit the rainforests of Kuranda and the Daintree, drive the famous Bloomfield Track and witness the stunning flora and fauna of Lakefield National Park in a truly magical discovery of Far North Queensland.

APT’s new 7 Day Pilbara Explorer features a fascinating glimpse into one of Australia’s most important industries. Uncover the incredible history of mining with tours of some of Australia’s most successful mines, and the towns that have built up around them.

Explore Karijini National Park, a natural wonderland of gorges, crystal-clear waterfalls and swimming holes, while staying in the heart of this stunning wilderness for two nights.

The serenity of the Western Australian coast welcomes the tour group for the final night at Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat.

On The Outback Way, discover a world of ancient rock art, contemporary sculpture, rare geological formations and dramatic landscapes between Perth and Alice Springs. This 10 Day exploration of some of the most fascinating site in the country reveals the many hidden stories of the Outback. Learn about the gold mine in Gwalia that was once run by a man who later became a US president – Herbert Hoover who was US President from 1929 to 1933 and whose name is given to the massive Hoover Dam. Uncover the mystery of Lasseter’s gold reef, and learn about the ancient tales behind aboriginal rock art. Enjoy the sensational scenery and magical aura of Uluru and stay in the exclusive Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge.

With APT Outback Wilderness Adventures, discover amazing tales of pioneering farmers, tragic explorers, gold-rush heroes and cultural history on tours that bring the past to life. Visit regions of breathtaking beauty, from the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef to the natural amphitheatre of Flinders Ranges, the remarkable sheer cliff-face of Kings Canyon to the turquoise waters of Monkey Mia. Uncover the country’s mining industry, and marvel at geological features dating back millions of years, including the footprints of a dinosaur stampede at Lark Quarry and the subterranean lava tubes at Undara.

Featuring exclusive lodges, expert guides and incredible destinations, APT’s tours provide an unforgettable experience of the Outback.

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