The Trees are Alive . . . with Slithering Snakes

The Trees are Alive . . . with Slithering Snakes

28/03/2013 0 By Gayle Dickson

Undara National Park is teeming with wildlife and, to get a sense of how much wildlife, I joined the Sunset Lava Cave Tour to discover what happens after the sun had dipped well below the horizon.

Our guide, a 5th generation family member that had settled this land in 1862 – all 499 square miles of it, about half a million acres.

He led us below the trees in almost darkness before showing us what we had passed under. As thousands of bats took to the night sky to find food, snakes had slithered into the trees at the entrance waiting for the opportunity to snatch dinner! They were two kinds, night tiger pythons and a larger spotted tree python.


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