Tired of insect bites?

Tired of insect bites?

02/12/2015 Off By Gayle Dickson

The insect repellent in the blue bottle, formerly known as 3B, has streamlined its ingredient list and re-launched under the name 2B.

2B now has only four ingredients but the same effective formulation that has earned it ardent fans around New Zealand.

“We have eliminated one ingredient to create an even more natural product,” says Sarah Jones. “It now contains essential oil of lemon eucalyptus, essential oil of lemongrass, fractionated coconut oil and vanillin oil. Oil of lemon eucalyptus has been used for many years in China as a product known as Quwenling – which means effective repellent of mosquitoes.”

2B is yet another example of an artisan product (its peers include products such as Pic’s Peanut Butter) that started its retail journey at the Nelson Market and has now achieved national distribution and a passionate fan base amongst consumers.

2B is all natural and DEET-free and has been thoroughly tested in some of New Zealand’s most bug-ridden environments. A single application of 2B lasts for up to eight hours against all biting insects.

2B is made by the Blackham-Jones family in Motueka and was initially created in response to Paul Blackham and Sarah Jones’ children’s allergies.

“It’s a typical example of the adage if you can’t find it, make it yourself,” says Paul. “We love spending time in the outdoors as a family and having tried various products as insect repellents we couldn’t find anything that was natural and lasted for a reasonable length of time.”

After plenty of testing, adjusting and perseverance Paul came up with a winning formula that is really works, is safe, and smells great.

“There are many claims that for an insect repellent to be effective, it must contain the synthetic chemical and active ingredient which most people know as DEET,” says Paul. “But 2B is just as effective and is all natural.”

About 2B:

2B is a family business run by Paul Blackham and Sarah Jones in Motueka, near Nelson. Originally from the UK, Paul and Sarah left corporate jobs in finance and law, emigrated to New Zealand and started a family. Having a child with multiple allergies led Paul to research alternatives to synthetic chemical-based insect repellents, ultimately inventing his own formula.

After several years of making many bottles for themselves and friends and increasing demand each season Sarah and Paul launched ‘Blackham’s Bug Blues’ at the Nelson Market. This product later became known as 3B and went on sale in December 2013. To prevent any potential naming wrangles with an existing product the repellent was re-launched as 2B in July 2015.



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