Lavender Secrets of Provence

Lavender Secrets of Provence

19/11/2015 0 By Gayle Dickson

Most of us would be attracted to a place where the air is literally perfumed.  The legendary region of Provence is exactly that. Steeped in mystery folklore and with a bountiful garden, this place is surely a purple paradise.  The famed region is a basketful of flavours and heavenly scents, a feast for the eyes and soothing for the soul, body and mind.

Strawberries mingle with asparagus, cherries, melons, figs and olives. You’ll find apricots, black truffles and saffron. All the while the legendary lavender feeds the mind and body with goodness and promise of delight. Sunflowers abound and the air itself resonates with colour. Little wonder so many famous painters have been attracted to the area.

It is no surprise that as travellers to France we flock to the region. it is the target too for those seeking somewhere more permanent to savour the good things in life. Home Hunts property buyers guide can just be the start of many exciting life adventures.  

Perhaps the real colour and flavour of the region can be summed up with the sumptuous visual delight of lavender ripening in July and August  

The blue gold allure

Lavender colours the air as well as lifting the spirits. Visitors and residents alike flock to lavender farms and follow the harvest. You can then celebrate this magical plant in the festivals that celebrate ‘blue gold ‘at Saulte and Valreas.  The history of the region’s lavender is even the subject of a fascinating museum at Coustellet.

Lavender soothes. It’s a medically proven fact.  It’s heady perfume has been celebrated for hundreds of years. A few drops on the pillow or even in the bath can aid relaxation and promote a good night’s sleep.  Some use lavender oil in a diffuser or burner and others simply keep a bouquet the bedroom.

Lavender relaxes and reduces tension. Its calming scent is excellent for frayed nerves and has even been known to combat migraines.  A message with lavender oil is a particularly good tonic for sore muscles and can also been used to combat pain in the joints.

Lavender is a great deterrent for bugs and mosquitos.  Applying a few drops to the skin can ease and soothe swelling and itching caused by bites and stings. A natural inflammatory it can reduce itching and redness.

Culinary Magic

Home cooks amongst you might well have reached for Herbes De Provence to liven up your French cooking and impart a regional flavour to your dishes.  You are not alone – this heady mixture of herbs takes us right into the heart of the region.  

Every cook will have their version. But you’ll be on track with oregano, thyme, basil, lavender flowers and rosemary. It is the phytonutrients that are working the magic. These herbs can be sprinkled onto sauteed or grilled meats and poultry or worked through delicious whole grains.

There is so much going for this magical plant.  A visit to the region surely must be on any agenda for a visit to France.  That visit just might tempt you to linger a little longer. After all there is something very special in the air here.


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