Venice – What’s not to love!

Venice – What’s not to love!

21/01/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

You Can’t Put Off Visiting Venice For Another Minute!

There are plenty of people who have never visited the wonderful city of Venice, but we can’t understand why? What’s not to love. There are quaint little cafes around the city, serving delicious snacks for lunch and meals packed full of flavor in the evening. The architecture is truly dazzling with stunning buildings that are almost works of art by themselves. Then there’s transportation. Are you fed up of getting stuck in traffic on what’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday? In Venice, you can lie back in a Gondola and peacefully drift through the waterways of the city. Here are a few other reasons why you must book a trip to Venice sooner rather than later.

Venice - What's not to love!When It’s Gone, It’s Gone

The floating city will one day be the submerged city according to scientific experts. It was only believed that 1 mm per year. Now, researchers believe it’s actually sinking twice as fast. In roughly one hundred years Venice will have sank twenty cm which might not seem like a big deal. But there are plenty of days through the year when inhabitants already have to walk on wooden planks to stay dry. So, if you want to avoid having to swim to the different historical sites, it might be time to book those plane tickets.


Venice - What's not to love!Did We Mention The Water Taxis?

Forget about the smog and fumes from cars. As soon as you touch down at Venice airport you can hop right in a boat to get to your hotel. That’s right a boat, not a bus! Venice airport transfers aren’t like your typical clammy, coach stuffed with people. Head down to the waterway and you’ll be able to glide into the city. We mean it when we say this is going to be one of the most relaxing, stress free holidays you’ve ever been on.

Venice - What's not to love!Silence Is Golden

You’ve probably seen the pictures of Venice filled with people and completely alive, vibrant even. But you might never have caught a glimpse of the centre of Venice at midnight. The streets are deserted and the beauty of this completely empty Square is absolutely magnificent. You’ll be able to hear your footsteps echoing off the gorgeous, brick buildings. It is truly mesmerising.

Venice - What's not to love!Attend A Real Carnival

Forget about candy floss and fluorescent rides that make a terrible mechanical noise. The Venice Carnival is filled with masquerade ballers, dancers, parades and balls that can be found all over the city. Visiting the city during this time is like stepping inside a shakespearean play. The fun starts in February and lasts for weeks.

Lights, Camera, Action

For movie buffs, you’ll have the pleasure of attending the oldest film festival in the world if you head to this city in September. All the stars show up, hoping to show off their masterpieces and claim some award buzz. So, rub shoulders with the stars, share a glass of champagne and sit down for a night for incredible entertainment.

There are plenty more reasons to travel to this romantic, magical, moonlit city. But you’ll have to journey there yourself to discover them all!


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