Villa Amarapura, Phuket

Villa Amarapura, Phuket

31/08/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson


Villa Amarapura is the latest addition to The Luxury Signature’s finest collection of private villa rentals in Phuket. Overlooking the blue waters of the Andaman Sea on Phuket’s eastern shore and the stunning limestone formation of Phang Nga bay, Amarapura is an extraordinary 7-bed villa that is a red carpet A-lister on the luxury villa rental circuit. Situated above the upscale Cape Yamu, the 2016 built villa perfectly blends stunning avant-garde design features with film-star luxury and retreat-style relaxation.

Amarapura’s wonderful artistic extravagance is extended from the living room atrium, lounging and entertainment areas, to the bedrooms with its incredibly high-ceilinged, wooden gabled roof, with intricate wooden panels to connect with the outdoors. In the evenings, the huge starlight cluster chandeliers light up the space like an art installation sculpture in the Hollywood Hills; statement architecture at its grand best.

The winning combination creates a unique villa experience that is ultimately, incredibly comfortable, exhilaratingly chic, and simply spectacular; a villa which constantly surprises and surpasses all expectations with inimitable style. For more information about Villa Amarapura, visit its official website at

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