9 Themes for Your Family Holiday in Australia

9 Themes for Your Family Holiday in Australia

11/12/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

If you are thinking about planning a family holiday touring the country, you might want to first pick a theme to make the journey more memorable. Find an itinerary that suits your family’s needs and preferences, and take on the roads of Australia in style. Below you will find nine ideas on how to plan a themed holiday for this year.

  1.   Watersport Holidays

With teenagers and older kids, watersport holidays can be fun. Sign up for a scuba diving course, or learn surfing together. Visit the Great Barrier Reef and teach your kids about the preservation work that is taking place. Go on a surfing vacation, or learn how to use the Paddleboard. Try kayaking and canoeing, or take on any other watersport that will bring you as a family together. Sail the seas, and spend some memorable days together.

  1.           Camping and Outdoors

If you want to teach your kids some essential survival skills in the wilderness, you might arrange a camping trip in the wilderness. You would need an SUV to get you through a terrain, and tow all your camping equipment. There are great camping sites in Australia near the water, and in conversation parks. Visit the Deep Creek Conservation Park and visit the Kangaroo Island, hike the Backstairs Passage, and try bushwalking.  

  1.           Food and Wine

Teaching kids culinary and cooking skills is important. If you have older kids, you can sign up for one of the culinary tours that help you understand the different ingredients used to make the local cuisine so special. You can even try some of the best wine in Australia and explore the traditions of different regions. Try to visit different areas, so you can see the difference between the food traditions of various cultures in Australia.

  1.           Historical Tours

If you are a history lover, you can arrange a historical tour in Australia. Visit Sydney to learn more about the founding of the country, or follow the trails of convicts from their arrival to building large homes and a fortune. Visit Goat Island to find out more about the life of those arrived from England and were given a second chance. Check out the barracks and the postColonial artefacts displayed in several history museums. You can pick a special theme for your historical tour, such as visiting different cemeteries, uncovering crime, and checking in to Boggo Road Gaol for the day.

  1.           9 Themes for Your Family Holiday in AustraliaNatural History

Find out more about the lives of aboriginals before the arrival of European settlers, and learn more about their traditions. Sign up for a natural history tour in the coastal region of Australia, where you can see how the three different ecosystems meet: mangroves, coastal reef, and beach. Learn how to throw spears like aboriginal tribes, and track the fish as well as mussels and crabs. Several wildlife travel companies offer great family experiences in Western Australia, where you can meet some of the most endangered species; dugongs and brushtail possums.

  1.           Wellness Holidays

Relaxing close to the nature is a great way of enjoying your summer holiday. Book a spa or a yoga retreat, or take time off simply to reflect on your life. Wellness holidays are great if you want to help your family members get together, nurture their relationship, and achieve spiritual growth. Even if you are not a yogi, you can book yourself and your family members in a Buddhist sanctuary to take a step back from your busy lives and get back relaxed and rejuvenated. You can find great reiki places and Eco lounges where you can focus on your personal development, instead of worrying about what you will wear for dinner.

  1.           Views from the Air

If you want to explore the vast openness of Australia and the stunning coastline, you can book a helicopter or hot air balloon tour. This way, you can see what the birds do, and learn to appreciate the greatness of the country. Explore the Gold Coast or the beautiful landscapes of Brisbane, and enjoy the experience. While age restrictions apply to these tours, they are great for families who want to make their summer holiday memorable. You can book a tour that includes hot air balloon rides over natural reserves, and combine your hiking experience by taking in the stunning views from the air.

  1.           Beach Holidays

Families love beaches, and Australia’s beaches love families. You can book your resort holiday close to a waterpark, and let the kids explore freely. You might even visit some of the greatest islands surrounding the mainland, such as Fraser Island. You will need to have a 4×4 car to get to the beach, but it will be worth it. You can watch the whales and dolphins, sign up for eco tours, go fishing, or simply enjoy the calm and warm waters. Choose a beach location if you have smaller children who love exploring the shores in a safe environment, or teens who love riding the waves.

  1.           Activity-Filled Getaways

You can design your own activity holiday, filled with challenges. You might want to sign up for a Charity Drive to support your favourite cause. Driving through the country and filling your trip with different experiences, including natural history tours, spending a few days with aboriginals, and tasting the locally produced wine can be exciting. Explore the country on highways, off roads, in the water, and from the air, so you get a great understanding of the different cultures, heritage, and scenes Australia has to offer.

Whether you are an active family or need some time off your busy schedule, you can spend a few days filled with adventure and new experiences. Set a theme for your getaway, and make sure that everyone is on board. Explore the natural history, or learn about the history of the country. Teach the kids about the importance of the different ecosystems in Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef, and take them on wildlife tours, so they can see some of the rarest animals on the planet.

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