Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

05/04/2018 Off By Gayle Dickson

At times, we can be so busy planning our next travel adventure that we forget to appreciate the country, city, town or village right under our own feet. Every place in the world has it’s interesting points, but if you’ve always overlooked the place that you’re from as being worth exploring then it’s time to make a change. It’s inexpensive and can be a lot of fun, even if you’re already going on a trip abroad this year then this can still be a fantastic way to spend a few days. Here are some ideas!

Look For Accommodation

If you stay away from home, it will feel much more like you’re on a proper getaway! Chances are you know where inexpensive bed and breakfast hotels, motels and guest houses are. Another option would be to go camping, if you stay in a caravan you could even look into camping generators for sale to make it feel a bit more luxurious. That way you have power for things like heat, air conditioning, appliances and other technology if you need it. Stay somewhere local that you’ve never thought of or overlooked previously.

Check Out the Guided Tours and Museums

Every place in the world has places of interest, and your town, city or village will be famous for something. You might have learned about this in school but not thought too much about it since, so a tour can refresh your knowledge. It’s actually very interesting to learn more about the place you call home, and as an adult it’s information you will appreciate. Perhaps your home town was bombed in the world war, or maybe it helped to advance transport or technology in some way. It could be famous for sport, leisure or something else entirely. Go and find out on a tour and in the museums!

Visit The Tourist Attractions

Check out places like cathedrals, parks, gardens, beaches, stadiums and more- these might be places you know of in your city but haven’t been to in a long time. Book a show, ride bikes in the park, go hiking and take a picnic. See if there are any boat rides, canal trips or river cruises. Whos to say you need to travel miles to have these kinds of experiences? Best of all, your friends and family will be right nearby, and so you can invite them to come and spend time with you! You can even bring your pets, that’s not something you can do with most types of getaways!

Spend a few days really exploring and checking out what the place you live in has on offer. It doesn’t need to cost much, but can be just as fulfilling of an experience as travelling miles across the world. If you have friends from abroad, you could even invite them to join you and show them around, to really help you see things from a different perspective!

Is this something you have ever done, or considered? How did you go about being a tourist in your own city?


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