Book: Millennium – A Memoir

Book: Millennium – A Memoir

08/07/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

by Peri Hoskins, RRP$24.99

A slice-­of-­life travelogue, in this genre-­blending, creative non-­fiction memoir, NZ born Vince Osbourne travels to Tonga to reconnect with an old friend and usher in the new millennium…

It’s December 1999, the cusp of a new millennium. Vince travels to Tonga to see the sun set on the old and the dawn rise on the new. He has left his job at a big law firm, and is reeling from the break-­up of his marriage. He has come to spend time with his oldest friend, Sykes.

In a time and place of old customs Vince sees the gentle advance of the new. This Pacific paradise is home to a diverse group of human beings at this unique time.

Millennium – A Memoir unfolds on many levels.

There are diverse quirky humorous encounters. It is a travelogue story about Tonga and its people. It is a story of dealing with hurt and trying to heal. The story also taps into the human condition as the characters struggle with themselves and the things the world continues to throw at them. There is human deterioration and evolution, darkness and hope.

Vince is part Maori and his journey to Tonga retraces an ancestral Polynesian journey across the Pacific. The story also uses ancient Hindu scripture to delve beneath the surface and examine the quality of the dark times in which we live. The book poses powerful questions about what it is to be human in this third millennia.

This is Peri Hoskins’ debut literary work.

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