Business Trips To Las Vegas: The Aria Resort

Business Trips To Las Vegas: The Aria Resort

22/06/2013 0 By Chris Parnell

When you hear the words “Las Vegas” in relation to travel destinations, you probably think immediately about brightly lit casinos, pool parties, and all kinds of gaudy attractions. Indeed, these are the features that bring flocks of enthusiastic tourists and partygoers to Las Vegas all year every year. However, Las Vegas can also be a very useful destination for trips that aren’t focused entirely on luxury and wild parties. For instance, the city is actually frequently used for business conferences and company retreats.

Upon first consideration, the concept of visiting a place like Las Vegas alongside fellow employees or business partners may seem, at the very least, a bit strange. After all, people don’t necessarily want to be seen by co-workers at late night Vegas clubs or gambling stacks of chips away at high profile casinos. On the other hand, however, many people in business environments thoroughly enjoy being able to hold conferences and retreats in locations that allow for both work and relaxation – and Vegas fits this bill perfectly, as many of the resorts are practically built for business use.

One great example of a popular Las Vegas resort that’s particularly accommodating to business meetings and conferences is the ARIA. Not only is this hotel a big classier and less gaudy or gimmicky than some of its counterparts, but it also offers a number of specific services and venues for business use. Here are some examples:

  • Meeting Planning Assistance – The ARIA offers various resources designed to help you with every step of planning a large meeting or business conference. From an online guard, to contact with helpful professionals, and even the ability to browse different meeting rooms and venues, these tools can help you to set up a business gathering in advance.
  • Convention Services – From basic business center offerings such as customer Internet and office supplies, to shipping center and private mini-suites for business use, the convention services can make it very easy to establish an office environment within your Vegas resort.
  • Meeting Spaces – The ARIA offers a range of attractive and useful meeting spaces. From conference rooms and boardrooms with tables and screens, to large ballrooms with stages and seating for hundreds, there are options to accommodate virtually any size of business gathering.

In short, this particular resort is well equipped to handle any needs that could possible arise during a convention or business retreat. In an environment like Las Vegas, it’s always nice to mix business with a bit of fun, whether that means heading down to the casino at night, catching a show at some point, or even working in a few hours at the spa. But having high quality business facilities on hand certainly enhances the work side of any business-related trip to Vegas.


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