Lost or stolen NZ passports

Lost or stolen NZ passports

13/03/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

More than 10,000 New Zealand passports went missing or were stolen last year, according to the Department of Internal Affairs.

What do you do if your NZ passport is lost or stolen while you’re overseas?

1. Get a police report immediately
2. Decide if you want to apply for a replacement passport or emergency travel document
3. New Zealand passports are only produced in Wellington, Sydney and London. Urgent ones can be made in three days at a cost of $287.
4. If you are nowhere near the above three cities, contact the nearest Embassy who can provide you with an emergency travel document.
5. You cannot apply online – you need to contact the Embassy and have a credit card available.
6. If your planned travel had you crossing many borders, it is advised that you head home instead, even though emergency travel documents are accepted by most foreign customs and immigration officials.

It’s always advised to have travel insurance to cover these costs, and any others!


Department of Internal Affairs


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