Photographing Norway – An Aperture Adventure

Photographing Norway – An Aperture Adventure

20/07/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

For a budding photographer looking for a country that is infinitely photogenic, you can’t do better than Norway.

Heading to Europe for a photographers holiday usually means capturing images of the standard tourist attractions. Norway offers you beautiful Fjords, high peaky mountains, and amazing architecture. Here are a few of the most beautiful images you need to capture.

The Northern Lights

You can’t mention Norway without mentioning the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Beautiful swirling dashes of colour. The curtains of light make for an awe-inspiring experience, as well as a prime opportunity for amazing pictures. A big query for photographers is how to photograph the Aurora Borealis properly because it’s hardly something you can capture on your smartphone. The trick is to be patient and wait. It should be on your photographer’s bucket ist to capture the Northern Lights, so make sure you do it.

The Norwegian Villages

The village is located in the grasp of the fjords photogenic to no end. There are white timber houses as well as small local churches which look fantastic I’ll be outside as well as on the inside. And of course there are numerous green hills enveloping you which are home to barns and architecture of an agricultural ilk.

Photographing Norway - An Aperture AdventureOslo

The capital city of Norway is unlike any other capital city you’ll come across in the Western world. The pretty sights yet compact architecture provide many opportunities for stunning photographs, such as the University and the National Theatre which demonstrate the city’s neoclassical leanings. But there is also plenty of modern architecture, such as the Trafikanten Tower. The center of the city is bulging with sculptures and green parks, where you can capture the relaxing pace of the whole nation in a simple setting. The great thing about Oslo is that it is so small; you can capture a wide variety of images and essentially cover the whole city within the space of 4 days.

Photographing Norway - An Aperture AdventureThe North

To the north of the country, you tend to see the Fjords get softer and lower but this still makes for fantastic scenery. You are able to capture beautiful fishing villages on the coastlines while having the mountains provide a quirky yet beautiful backdrop. If you are a keen wildlife photographer, you would be able to capture buzzards, white-tailed eagles, as well as arctic terns. If you took to the sea, you would be able to capture dolphins, sperm whales, and orca. Not to mention the beautiful light backdropping these stellar creatures.

The North Cape

The northern tip of Norway is on the island of Mageroya located deep within the Arctic Circle. Here you would see a large globe shaped monument where, if you went in the summer, you would be bathed in eternal sunshine and should take the opportunitu to photograph the sun at 3 o’clock in the morning!

As a pallet of striking visuals, Norway clearly has it all!


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