Planning Your Dubai Vacation

Planning Your Dubai Vacation

31/01/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

Planning Your Dubai VacationEpic architecture, glittering lights, and luxury- it’s no wonder so many of us flock to the city of Dubai each year. The destination makes for a fascinating and exciting visit, so whether you’re looking for a family break, a romantic couples weekend or a jet set solo trip this is one to consider. Here are some points to bear in mind when you’re planning your vacation to Dubai.

What Will You Do?

There’s such a variety of attractions and things to do in Dubai, so there’s plenty for you to explore while you’re away. Doing your research beforehand and writing up a travel itinerary can be a useful way to get the most out of your vacation, since there’s far more to see and do than you’ll get through in one visit. You could marvel over Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest structure. Here you’ll find fountains, an observation deck to view the city sights, hotel rooms, and restaurants all surrounded by stunning parks. Dubai might seem very glitz and glam, but there are things to do for kids too making it a great family vacation. There are a couple of water parks which make a fun day out as well as a fascinating underwater zoo. Plus there’s the beach where you can play games, have a picnic and splash in the sea. These are just a few of the best things to do in Dubai. Dubai might be a tourist mecca now but under the surface is a rich history and culture. You can explore more by visiting the museums, galleries and the mosques which are open to the public. The shopping centers boast an abundance of things to do as well. As well as check out the shops these huge malls have everything from skiing to skating to swimming on offer. There’s no doubt that you could spend an entire day and more explore this alone.

Where Will You Eat?

The tourism in Dubai means there are hundreds of fantastic restaurants so you can taste any kind of cuisine while you’re on your trip. Many of these are luxurious and upscale, so it’s the perfect time to sample the fine cuisine and really push the boat out. There are of course more casual eateries too, cafes to grab a bite in the daytime and markets offering all kinds of street food. Dubai cuisine takes inspiration from the middle east and Asia, so if you want to eat like a local be sure to sample popular local dishes. You will be familiar with chicken, beef, and lamb (no pork since it’s a religious Muslim destination) but you could try the popular camel meat!

Where Will You Stay?

Being such a tourist focused destination, there are a wealth of incredible hotels to choose from in Dubai. Towering skyscraper hotels offer breathtaking views of the city, each hotel being an incredible piece of architecture in its own right. The nicer hotels cost a pretty penny, but if you’re after a luxurious visit, they’re well worth the money. If you have less to spend, you can find budget chain hotels such as Premier Inns dotted around too.


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