The Real Good Food Guide : Europe

The Real Good Food Guide : Europe

24/07/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

When we sit back and finally relax in an old leather arm chair after a life so well spent, we are out of breath and think about what we would have done differently, the first will be about travel. There are just too many heart-stopping places dotted around this world. The second thought, however, will be about food. The idea of looking back and thinking, “I should’ve eaten that,” sits about as uncomfortably as any thought possibly can. That’s why we have contemplated this topic a lot and come up with a list of the most mouthwatering restaurants in Europe.  

The reason we have chosen restaurants is simple: these are the spaces born from the passion of the greatest chefs in the world. And the reason we have chosen Europe is that no other landmass anywhere on this gorgeous planet offers as much cultural diversity as Europe.

So, without further ado, we bring to you, a list of restaurants you absolutely have to overindulge at. You just have to.

Bon appetit.

The Real Good Food Guide : EuropeGirona, Catalonia

An overwhelming number of people would agree that El Celler de Can Roca is the best restaurant in Europe. Those who disagree would say it is the best in the world. It is where innovation is celebrated like nowhere else and it is this innovation that has won the Roca siblings three Michelin stars.

The Real Good Food Guide : EuropeLondon, England

Critics, diners, chefs, all those lucky enough to eat here fall in love with the menu, a menu that isn’t just put together by the protege of Mad Professor Heston Blumenthal, but by researchers wanting to experiment with British culinary heritage. That is why you need to book yourself some cheap flights to London and spend that money you saved on all the food you can. The bravery of this kitchen is unrivaled. Absolutely unrivaled.

The Real Good Food Guide : EuropeCopenhagen, Denmark

With a history as rich as the Danes, not exploring it in terms of good food would be a horror like no other. Luckily for the world, chef Rene Redzepi took the Danish words for Nordic and food, crushed them like garlic and established what is now known as Noma, a double Michelin starred restaurant that will have your taste buds dancing like the stars of La La Land.

The Real Good Food Guide : EuropeParis, France

To have a list that doesn’t feature one of the most luxurious hotspots on the planet would be corrupt, especially with Arperge setting the foodie trends it is and has done for so many years now. It creates all the food your taste buds are desperate for – meat, fish, and veg – but it does them in such a contemporary fashion that you won’t know what has hit your stomach until after your face aches from smiling. You don’t get three Michelin stars without being special, and that is exactly what this place is and more.

The Real Good Food Guide : EuropeBucharest, Romania

The only thing as mesmerising as the food on offer here is the name; Biutiful By The Lake. Okay, we take that back because nothing tops the setting. If food is to be experienced, then the experience counts for everything and that is exactly what is achieved by dining on a floating terrace on Herastrau Lake in the summer. Everything here from starters through to desserts is impeccable, while the design of the restaurant is an award-winner. Good food, amazing wine and the best views you can possibly imagine.


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