Sky High in Queenstown

Sky High in Queenstown

20/04/2011 0 By Gayle Dickson

At 7am this morning there was frost on the ground and it was what I’d class as a bit nippy!

But that was soon forgotton as out hot air balloon slowly lifted off the ground just before the sun peeked into view above Arrowtown. With hardly a whisper of wind we rose (with the help of fire-breathing burners) about 1000ft a minute as sheep became dots and roads became lines.

In the distance Hugh, our pilot pointed out Sam Neil’s paddock – nice one Sam.

We then continued to climb to an altitude of 8000ft – higher than the Remarkables ski field. Way in the distance Mt Cook glisened on the horizon and further south Mt Aspiring poked it’s peak into thin air.

It was a stunning autumn day and one to remember.

Scaring the sheep as we landed after about an hour aloft we tucked into breakfast and Champagne! What a way to start the day off.

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