Some Of The Best Ways To Pass The Time When You’re Waiting For A Flight

Some Of The Best Ways To Pass The Time When You’re Waiting For A Flight

12/07/2020 0 By Gayle Dickson

Whether its a family holiday, work trip, or a gap year, checking into an airport fills a sense of adventure. Then you reach the departure lounge; a purgatory between places putting a sudden halt on your journey.

Time moves slowly in an airport. After factoring in early check-in and flight delays, you better get comfy because there is a lot of time to waste. But we travelers are a resourceful bunch who can make the most of any situation.

The airport can be an interesting place when you embrace the chaos. Here are some of the best ways to pass the time when waiting for a flight.

Things to do on your phone

We often become over-reliant on technology, using it as a crutch in many situations we face. Although there are big upsides. And for holidaymakers, phones are our most reliable travel companion: Lost? Open a digital map. Hungry?Google the best local restaurant. Bored? Well, there’s an app for that.

While phones are not the dream set-up, they are a pocket-sized entertainment system. The little device is ready and raring to go whenever you have some free time to burn.  

For the movie buffs: The airport’s public wifi is comically slow and logging on raises security questions. Generally, streaming content is a no go. But services like Now TV and Netflix allow you to temporarily download a video so you can watch offline. Starting a new series or rewatching a Hollywood classic is a great way to pass the time. Just make sure to download all content before setting off, you don’t want any unexpected data charges.

For the gamer: There are some real gems on the app store. But If you fancy something with a competitive edge, playing poker and blackjack is the way to go. Both classic card games translate very well into digital form. Betting platforms like GentingBet Casino provide an accessible alternative to the physical deck. There’s no need to wager money when most platforms offer free to play options. And with tonnes of options around, read a review to find a site which best suits you.

For the enquiring mind: Often educating yourself about the destination is the ultimate boredom killer. And with infinite knowledge available from your phone, a little research goes a long way. Intriguing apps like Barefoot World Atlas simultaneously improve your knowledge and keep you entertained for hours on end. Putting a 3D globe it the palm of your hand, the app hits you with facts and stories from around the world. We are constantly learning, taking in the culture of a place before you arrive is one of the most beneficial ways to pass time.

Things to do around the airport

Plane delays can be a blessing in disguise. Having some downtime during a hectic travel schedule is incredibly relaxing. And with your bags checked in and boarding passes in hand, the rest of the time is yours. The airport is a great facility for distractions and socializing if you know where to look.

For the social soul: Your fellow passengers are a great source of entertainment, so getting to know them can make time fly. Everyone has a story to tell and you might come across someone on your flight. It’s always easier to connect when you have something in common. But socializing with strangers can be nerve-racking so sites like Planely can come in handy. It connects you with other fliers via LinkedIn and Facebook.

For the daydreamer: Plane spotting is an enjoyable hobby for many people. Next time your plane is delayed you should give it a try. Taking time away from the crowds of people and watching the planes fly in can be therapeutic — especially with a book in hand. Find a spot by the window and daydream to your heart’s content.

For the foody: Another of the best ways to waste some time is to take lunch. And you can always bet on an airport having a bunch of eateries. In all likelihood, the food won’t be Michelin star standard, but taking your self away from the departure lounge is a great distractor and can help reduce any preflight nerves.

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Downtime in an airport lounge isn’t as bad as assumptions would have you imagine. Yes, delays are annoying, and waiting around is a nuisance. But airports are busy places, full of distractions. And once the wait is over, off you fly to paradise.

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