Surprising Seoul

Surprising Seoul

04/04/2012 0 By Gayle Dickson


On our first day touring Changdeokgung Palace it began to snow. The temps hovered just below freezing and a wicked wind would have rustled the leaves on the trees had there been any leaves!

Taking pictures was difficult – trying to hold a brolly in one hand and press the shutter with the other. Suddenly a camera crashed to the stone-slabbed floor with a might cracking sound . . . it happened within minutes of getting through the gate for one unlucky French journalist!

It was white knuckle photography … and how I began to wish I hadn’t left my whisky flask in the room back at the hotel!

Yet for all the mystery that surrounds a palace that has been here since 1405 the atmospheric conditions only added to it’s allure. It wasn’t hard to imagine what it might have been like living here during the winter months over 600 years ago?!

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