Welcome to Smisland

Welcome to Smisland

15/11/2013 0 By Gayle Dickson

Welcome to Smisland

Balibuku is a brand new publishing house recently started in Bali that sets out to offer a modern, refreshing and alternative outlook on the Island of Gods through quality graphic books.

As a first opus, the team of Balibuku chose to celebrate the Balinese for their unfailingly warm and smiling hospitality that makes this island not only that of Gods but that of smiles too. They chose “Welcome to Smisland”.

With each page a graphic accomplishment, “Welcome to Smisland” is much more than the conventional blend of text and pictures that traditional travel books offer. It takes readers on board for a fresh, ebullient, witty and colorful tour of Bali and of what makes it such a peculiar and amazing place.

Covering various topics such as surfing, religion, reincarnation, or cock-fighting to name just a few, each chapter of “Welcome to Smisland” is packed with the humour, smiles and joie de vivre so typical of the Balinese .

To read “Welcome to Smisland” is to prolong the feeling of joy, relaxation and happiness that makes Bali such a magical place.

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