Most Efficient Airports for 2014

Most Efficient Airports for 2014

23/07/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

ATRS (Air Transport Research Society), the world’s leading academic society in the air transportation field, measures and compares the operating/managerial efficiency, cost competitiveness, financial performance and airport user charges for 200 airports and 26 airport groups in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Oceania released the 2014 airport benchmark study.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, GA, has won their 11th top efficiency excellence award this year during the 12 year history of ATRS airport efficiency awards which began in 2003. So, Atlanta is clearly a role model of serving air travellers, airlines and their regional community most efficiently. Other top performers in North America include Charlotte and Oklahoma City airports. In Canada, Vancouver and Calgary International Airports are in the top of the list of Canadian airports.

This year, Copenhagen Airport won the top productivity and highly efficient airport in Europe.

Among the small/med-size airport category, Athens International Airport took this year’s ATRS Top Efficiency Excellence Award.

After being on rotation for a decade on the top spot, Asia’s prominent major airports like Singapore’s Changi, Seoul-Incheon, Hong Kong International airports have been trumped by the three smaller Airports managed by Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) since year 2012. KAC’s Gimhae International Airport in City of Busan, the largest city in southern part of South Korea, has won the 2014 ATRS Top Asian Airport Efficiency Excellence Award, and furthermore, KAC’s Jeju International Airport became the second most efficient airport in Asia. Seoul-Gimpo airport also managed by KAC was the top efficient airport in Asia consecutively in 2012 and 2013 although it fell to 5th spot in Asia behind Gimhae, Jeju, Hong Kong and Haikou (southern China).

Sydney Airport successfully defended the top productivity and efficiency performance title in Oceania; this makes Sydney’s fourth win in a row.

In addition, the ATRS Airport Task Force has decided to award the following additional Excellence Awards based on specific aspects of each airport’ excellence achievement: !

-A Cost Competitiveness Excellence Award is being presented to Riga International Airport, Latvia; !

-Revenue Source Diversification Excellence Awards are being presented to Keflavic International Airport, Iceland;

-Top Asian Airport Revenue Diversification Excellence Award: Seoul-Gimpo Airport of Korea Airport Corporation; !

-Top Oceanian Airport Revenue Diversification Excellence Award: Gold Coast International Airport of Queensland Airport Ltd, Australia !

-Airport User Charge Excellence Award is being presented to: Luxembourg International Airport, Europe

Other rising star in Asia in terms of efficient operation and management of airport is Haikou International Airport which is located on China’s southern island province for which the Chinese Government designated it sometime ago as the “Open Skies” province, which frees foreign airlines’ access to that airport. !

Per passenger basis, London’s Heathrow and Gatwick (peak period) landing fees are highest, and Tokyo Haneda and Sydney airports also charge highest landing fees in Asia and Oceania, respectively. The landing fees per passenger at Toronto Pearson International airport came down very significantly in the past few years, and thus, in this year New York’s LaGuardia airport became the most expensive airport to land an aircraft in North America per passenger basis. !

Among European airports, Luxembourg and Riga charge the lowest average charges for the combined landings and passenger services per passenger while London Heathrow and Gatwick charge the highest. !

Among Asian airports, Taipei-Taoyuan airport charges the lowest combined landing and passenger fees per passenger while Osaka-Kansai charges the highest. In United States, Charlotte (NC) has the lowest Cost per Enplaned Passenger (CPE) while New York-JFK charges the highest CPE. In Canada, Victoria (BC) charges the lowest CPE while Toronto Pearson airport charges the highest.


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